California Lead Laws

Accreditation of Training Providers and Certification of Individuals
(California Health & Safety Code 105250)
Establishes a program to accredit lead-related construction training providers and certify individuals to conduct lead-related construction activities.

Lead-Safe Housing and Lead Hazards
(California Civil Code 1941.1; California Health & Safety Code 17961, 17980, 124130, 17920.10, 105251 to 105257) 
Deems a building to be in violation of the State Housing Law if it contains lead hazards, and requires local enforcement agencies to enforce provisions related to lead hazards. Makes it a crime for a person to engage in specified acts related to lead hazard evaluation, abatement, and lead-related constructions courses, unless certified or accredited by the Department. Permits local enforcement agencies to order the abatement of lead hazards or issue a cease and desist order in response to lead hazards.

Lead-Related Activities in Construction Work
(California Labor Code 6716 to 6717)
Provides for the establishment of standards that protect the health and safety of employees who engage in lead-related construction work, including construction, demolition, renovation and repair.

California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Section 35001 et seq (PDF)

For more information, see the Lead-Related Construction pages.
Requirements for lead hazard evaluation and abatement activities, accreditation of training providers, and certification of individuals engaged in lead-based paint activities.

Comparison with EPA Regulations

California has its own lead-based paint regulations.

Real Estate Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Requirements

(California Civil Code 1102 to 1102.16)
Requires the disclosure of known lead-based paint hazards upon sale of a property. Generally follows federal rule and requires the provision of the EPA pamphlet.

Required Lead-Based Paint Inspections

CA Civil Code 1941 requires landlord to make all repairs necessary to put property into fit condition. Per HUD rules, landlord must inspect annually and prior to tenancy turnover.

Additional Requirements

California Tenant Guide references lead-based paint and the required disclosures.